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This flag is made by a veteran from DCU material, Afghanistan issued Multi-Cam, and ACU uniforms.  The 50 stars are embroidered on the ACU field.  The dimensions are 17x31 inches.  This is for hanging or framing, is only one sided, and only the left edge is finished. 

Dimensions are 17”x31”, if you need one slightly larger or smaller, contact me for custom options.  Please view other products at FB A2Creations. 

Being constructed from actual uniforms, there may be some wear, previous stitching holes, or stains present.  I take care to select portions that are free from damage.  The photos shown are of the actual creation.  

Shipping is included in price for your convenience, will mail to the US or APO.  I will fold it, put it in an envelope for easy mailing.  Ironing can take out any wrinkles if desired.  Expedited fee will be charged at $6.   Non APO overseas shipping will be added to cost.  Contact me with any questions.

Custom options are available, if you have family or friends with uniforms and you want a flag created from them, contact me for coordination and pricing. 

The original concept was based on a way to display the Army uniforms that I had been issued over the years.  The most common style is an American flag, minus the stars, featuring materials from various decades and all branches of service.  The first 60 that I made were while I was deployed overseas.  Some other photos can be seen on my FB page A2Creations or url:

I'm having some trouble with this website.  If no images are attached, this is a beautiful handmade flag from uniforms, looks great in a frame with a Mat, maybe with a dogtag or coin holes cut in the mat below.  I'm working with a guy if you want framing options.  If no pictures are present, please check out my facebook page.  

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