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Kip Speyer

Sarges List is the “Craigslist” for the military community! Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, we provide a free worldwide classifieds site with coverage of nearly 500 U.S. military bases around the globe. 

Sarges List was recently acquired by Bright Mountain Media, Inc.  We are excited to have SargesList.com as part of our proprietary portfolio of websites.  Our goal is to continue to provide you a valuable website which serves the military community both domestically and internationally and to bring you a SargesList.com that exceeds your expectations!

Bright Mountain Media is also the technology team behind SargesList and the Company that developed and maintains Military Housing Rentals (www.militaryhousingrentals.com). 

Based on research and focus group work, there did not appear to be a globally available one-stop classifieds site that military communities could trust. So SargesList was created! SargesList (launched January 14, 2011) is available for members of all branches, Veterans, DoD Civilians and military communities to interact in a trusted domain free of charge. It was discovered that service members needed a way to connect when PCSing to buy and sell needed items as well as find local information. This is especially true in OCONUS PCS's where there are appliance, furniture, pet and car constraints.

This site was developed out of a passion to help the people who serve our country and sacrifice so much for our freedom! SargesList also provides career opportunities to military spouses who provide the backbone of our support to the local base communities. 

                                                                              paw stamp   Thank you for your service!

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