Safety Precautions

Here at SargesList (TM), we'd like to believe that people are good and have good intentions. However, the news tells us differently. Here we provide a place for people to connect and not all intentions will be honorable. By using the DOT MIL stamp as an identifier on listings, you can determine who is in your military network and who is not. If you are dealing with anyone, no matter if they are military or not, we recommend that you keep these precautions top of mind to protect yourself and your family.

If you see something, say something!

If you find a listing or activity on SargesList that you think may be fraudlent, dishonest, illegal or otherwise improper, please report these activities in detail to us at Report Abuse.

Precautions for Buyers and Sellers

  • If possible, MEET ON BASE to complete the transaction.
  • Get their full name and email and do research on Facebook and Twitter. If you aren't able to see them online anywhere, this is a red flag.
  • Ask if they would like to meet at the police station, if they say no or hesitate, then probably not a good sign.
  • We suggest using cash or (if the buyer is a verified Paypal member) by Paypal. Paying by check or money order is risky for buyers and for sellers because the check or money order might be fraudulent or forged.
  • SargesList uses an email anonymizer, so each party to a transaction has a shielded email address to provide an extra level of privacy. We suggest you do not give out your personal email address to others online.
  • If you think something suspicious is going on, forward the suspicious email to SargesList at Report Abuse.
  • Limit any personal information you give about yourself to someone you are dealing with online. SargesList does not have the ability to know whether you are dealing with good people or bad people online.
  • Try not to go alone to complete the sale of the items. Take a friend. Be cautious. If anything doesn't seem right, leave.
  • Check ownership of items like cars with the office where the vehicle's license is registered to be sure you are dealing with the true owner. Do this before you pay! It's better to walk away than get scammed.
  • Pay in cash or get a cashier's check from a major bank. Before you hand over the item purchased, go to the bank and confirm that the check is valid. Also, a personal check from a buyer might bounce, and a promise to wire you money might not be kept.
  • Get a written receipt for the item you buy. If you are buying something with a license, like a car, confirm that the person selling you the car is named on the registration certificate for the car.
  • Don't EVER give out your credit cards numbers, social security number, or other personal information.
  • Be cautious in giving out personal information, like your home address, workplace address or name, kids schools, etc.
  • Have a friend with you if meeting a buyer or seller in person.
  • If something doesn't seem right, leave. Better safe than sorry.

Tips for Sellers and Buyers

  • Use photos and describe the items in detail.
  • Use a yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email address.
  • Deal locally and meet in person to close the deal.
  • Take a friend with you. Get a detailed receipt, signed and dated by both parties.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or that something isn't right, leave.

Avoiding Scams

  • If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Walk away.
  • If a seller wants you to pay and promises to send you the item later, don't believe it. Even if you get a receipt, the receipt could be worthless and the seller (and your money) are long gone before you realize it.

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